With time running out, five convicts escape from prison only to find themselves in a violent standoff on a deserted farm. When two brothers and a jilted girlfriend threaten their chance to board a plane and reclaim their lives, the men learn that their fight for freedom is nothing compared to their fight for survival…


The official Hunting Dragonflies DVD has BEEN RELEASED?! Quit nursing that beer and go get yourself a copy!

After several years in the making, this movie has finally made it to DVD so that you can now buy the action oriented independent film of the decade.

It’s safe to say this film was truly a world-wide effort – musicians from Germany (Trigon), Holland (Systema Synthetica), Switzerland (Daze), France (Screaming Bones), California (The Other White Noise), Maryland (Haralamos) and Ohio (Puddle) were involved. We had actors and crew from Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania working on the set. We used Soviet made Konvas 35mm cameras that came straight out of Russia and Belarus (these cameras have some of the best lenses made for film – comparable to both Zeiss & Cooke!).

All-in-all, over 70 people were involved with the making of this film. Many thanks go out to all of those that put in their hard work and efforts!


Crimson Chain Productions starts work on another feature film to be shot this fall & winter. So, we’ve decided to offer you the option to buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of the next film! Thrill your friends when you show them – heck, tell your friends so they can get in on the action too!!! So, buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of our next feature film. What else you’ll get: We will keep you informed of the upcoming film’s progression, give you exclusive behind the scenes stuff, and let you know when the film is released. What more could you ask for? Get your copy of Hunting Dragonflies now!


Yes we did. Our budget for this 35mm action film was $10,000 and we pulled it off, including the car wrecks, guns, and modest nudity for the action film aficionado. It’s all there. Yes, it’s hard making a feature film on such a small budget, very hard, but it’s the cast and crew’s priceless hard work that matters most. There are plenty of ways to make a feature film on such a low budget and, if you are interested, we talk about a few of them in the commentary on the DVD. For those budding filmmakers out there, wanting to shoot their own feature on a budget, we also have camera details that talk about some of the great things that the Konvas can do on a set. What are you waiting for? Get the DVD!


We interviewed a few of our actors! This month, we posted the interviews of Sean Robinson & DC Cathro, who played Danny Feedermore & Frank Demore in the film. Sean & DC’s list of acting credits are both quite impressive, including stage, improv, and film. You can also read more about them in the BIOS section.

Basic facts about the muscle enhancing supplements

Are you searching for some of the helpful ways to build your muscles? Do you want to get rid of your extra weight? Do you feel that your body needs a supplement to enhance the muscle growth? If yes, then you might be searching for some of the best methods to enhance your body muscles. The focus of every person is to achieve a good health. Now, the l carnitine is the best muscle developing strategy. The body building and the use of supplements are directly linked to each other. The present post will give you some interesting facts about this approach. The article will also brief you on some interesting trends.

The best supplements can be reached on the official site. The first advantage of the muscle growing amino acids is the ability to activate the fat metabolism. You can also feel the disturbance in the initial days mainly due to the high metabolism. To get the muscle growing amino acids, you can order l carnitine from an online shop. The reviews prove that the dosage and methods to get the amino acids are very crucial in bringing about the best results. Now, the usage of best weight loss amino acids should be as per the recommended dose. The use of the muscle-developing supplement is usually recommended after the workout schedule. You should not use any other fat metabolism drug with this supplement.

The l carnitine is the best way to build your muscles. You can build your muscle mass in a very short time. All you need to do is to adopt the best strategies to build the muscles and get rid of the extra fat in your body. You can adopt the running habits to get better results. The best supplements for the body can only help you if you want to achieve the muscle growth with a workout schedule.

Deep Fryer Reviews

There are several factors that people rely on before deciding on whether to purchase an item or not. As much as they for shopping they would still go further and question the reliability. The sellers will hardly tell you the efficiency of every component, and for this reason, anyone intending to buy a deep fryer will resolve to check the deep fryer reviews. Source for more about best deep fryer.

What to Check in Deep Fryer Reviews

1. Ratings: There are different types of deep fryers available in the market. While intending to purchase one then the reviews will be of help. All you are required to do is check the deep fryer reviews and judge for yourself. The one with most positive deep fryer reviews can give the best services. The deep fryer reviews are essential at this decision-making stage.

2. Temperatures: The types of the deep fryer varies on the extent of adjusting temperatures. The best deep fryers will have a way of adjusting the temperature to the maximum heat one prefers. The deep fryer reviews touch on this ensuring that one is enlightened on how efficient the temperature is.

3. Oil filtering capacity: The sellers of this kitchen equipment may not understand the efficiency of this item as compared to the user. The user can review the deep fryer oil filtering capacity. People with less preference to oil will tend to pick the one that has a high oil filtering capacity bearing in mind that too much oil is unhealthy.

4. Handles: The deep fryer review leaves nothing untouched. There are reviews on the handles. It is clarified on whether the handles are easy to clean and if they get hot while deep frying. This is relevant as it ensures you know your safety in the kitchen.


Choosing the Best Wireless Thermostats for Wise Consumers

Have you ever thought of doing your research in order to have what’s best for you? Well, most people do their own research before purchasing any product and this is what you need to do before buying anything at the store. Any person can neglect not doing his/her job before purchasing anything and we don’t want anyone to suffer from regret. So, to help you gain some information about a useful product, let me introduce first home automation devices. Basically, a home automation device allows you to control your own home’s basic features. Home automation system products range from wireless thermostats to remote controls. Some people also consider installing home automation systems to make it easier for them to move inside their own homes. There can be smart kits and hubs, smart lighting to control when to turn on and off lights, security cameras to secure your house from possible threats, and other products that aid you inside your house. has various tutorials related to ecobee vs nest.

But before any other devices, wireless thermostats have been considered one of the most useful home automation devices. Wireless thermostats (WiFi thermostats) were created to regulate the temperature inside a building or house. Most people prefer having wireless thermostats inside their houses but are not able to know or make sure which one to buy. To be able to help you choose, here are some insights about different brands that manufacture wireless thermostats.

  • Ecobee – a leading company that manufacturers different varieties of wireless thermostats. It is unique among the others because of its room sensors and HomeIQ reports. It also updates the user with its notifications and auto-schedule. It has a touchscreen interface which makes it easier to navigate and control compared to others.
  • Honeywell – another manufacturer of wireless thermostats that has made a colorful and customizable touchscreen. It also allows you to control the thermostat with different devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. What’s unique with this device is the temperature alerts and notifications, along with email alerts to keep you updated at all times.

I have only cited few of its features. You can do more research about the listed products and choose which brands suits your taste the most. Surely this article has given you some insights of which thermostat to choose when you want to have one.

Expanding Business With Nidhi Company Registration

When companies get lucky enough to earn more than what they have expected, they realize that it’s time to expand their business to be able to cater more customers and be able to gain more than their current income. A growing business always starts small and gradually expands, that is why entrepreneurs need to be creative in what other things to introduce once they decided to expand their business.

Just like when they are starting, expanding needs to have certain steps to follow before they approve it. The government requires them to submit files at Nidhi Company Registration before making the necessary changes.

How To Know If It’s Right To Expand?

Planning an expansion is not as easy as it sounds because it needs to have certain steps to follow and as we all know, a weak foundation could end up making the whole building crumble. That is why it is important that you list the following necessary things for the expansion. For example, are you going to introduce more products or you are going to improvise what you already have.

There is also the expansion of the structure itself. If you are going to make the building bigger, you need to have permission from the premises that it might disturb. Also, it needs to have permission from the professionals because structures are complicated to just tinker on. As a matter of fact, you can’t do it on your own. You need help from engineers to make the necessary changes or if it is even plausible to do.

Since expanding is not as easy as it seems, registration is necessary for the government to check every now and then if you are not being a threat to the lives of your employees or if you have made additions in your list of products and services.