With time running out, five convicts escape from prison only to find themselves in a violent standoff on a deserted farm. When two brothers and a jilted girlfriend threaten their chance to board a plane and reclaim their lives, the men learn that their fight for freedom is nothing compared to their fight for survival…


The official Hunting Dragonflies DVD has BEEN RELEASED?! Quit nursing that beer and go get yourself a copy!

After several years in the making, this movie has finally made it to DVD so that you can now buy the action oriented independent film of the decade.

It’s safe to say this film was truly a world-wide effort – musicians from Germany (Trigon), Holland (Systema Synthetica), Switzerland (Daze), France (Screaming Bones), California (The Other White Noise), Maryland (Haralamos) and Ohio (Puddle) were involved. We had actors and crew from Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania working on the set. We used Soviet made Konvas 35mm cameras that came straight out of Russia and Belarus (these cameras have some of the best lenses made for film – comparable to both Zeiss & Cooke!).

All-in-all, over 70 people were involved with the making of this film. Many thanks go out to all of those that put in their hard work and efforts!


Crimson Chain Productions starts work on another feature film to be shot this fall & winter. So, we’ve decided to offer you the option to buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of the next film! Thrill your friends when you show them – heck, tell your friends so they can get in on the action too!!! So, buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of our next feature film. What else you’ll get: We will keep you informed of the upcoming film’s progression, give you exclusive behind the scenes stuff, and let you know when the film is released. What more could you ask for? Get your copy of Hunting Dragonflies now!


Yes we did. Our budget for this 35mm action film was $10,000 and we pulled it off, including the car wrecks, guns, and modest nudity for the action film aficionado. It’s all there. Yes, it’s hard making a feature film on such a small budget, very hard, but it’s the cast and crew’s priceless hard work that matters most. There are plenty of ways to make a feature film on such a low budget and, if you are interested, we talk about a few of them in the commentary on the DVD. For those budding filmmakers out there, wanting to shoot their own feature on a budget, we also have camera details that talk about some of the great things that the Konvas can do on a set. What are you waiting for? Get the DVD!


We interviewed a few of our actors! This month, we posted the interviews of Sean Robinson & DC Cathro, who played Danny Feedermore & Frank Demore in the film. Sean & DC’s list of acting credits are both quite impressive, including stage, improv, and film. You can also read more about them in the BIOS section.

Houston Weight Loss Supplements

On the off chance that you are battling losing resolute fat, then the guide of a weight reduction supplement might be a decent alternative for you. Houston Weight misfortune’s Center will probably help you along your weight reduction travel. Their specialists are here to talk about every one of the choices with you to help you accomplish the outcomes you need to see. Houston weight loss Centers suggests the admission of vitamins and supplements while holding fast to an all around adjusted eating regimen that does not get every single dietary necessity from nourishment alone and perhaps imperative added substance to a successful get-healthy plan. Houston Weight Loss Centers recognizes the supplemental necessities as a piece of changing dietary references.

There are non-stimulant weight reduction supplements and also ones with empowers. In the event that you are searching for a supplement that guides in weight reduction, however doesn’t give you that adrenaline surge or vitality burst, then a non-stimulant supplement will be your best choice. For the individuals who jump at the chance to feel expanded vitality without the crash, then a supplement with stimulants will be the correct decision for you. They for the most part contain caffeine and other home grown and regular fixings that help support your digestion and help you shed weight. Regardless of whether you need to lose a little weight or a great deal, there are a wide range of sorts of supplements that may help you discover better outcomes.

The basic minerals and vitamins set up the body while you experience way of life changes with low calorie get-healthy plans. The Department of Health and the American Dietetic Association has exhorted that supplements are not awful and really help increment digestion. The National Academy of science has suggested vitamins for huge portions of the populace and particularly for the individuals who are on a health improvement plan.

Benefits of Hiring A Houston Personal Injury Attorney

A great number of people don’t know how much cash they can get from their own injury claims. In spite of the fact that there are instruments, for example, an individual harm settlement adding machine that can help you set up a harsh thought of the estimation of your claim it won’t give you a precise gauge of the last estimation of your settlement. Getting a high protection settlement is something other than placing numbers in a program. It requires understanding the nuances of your particular harm case. If you seek after your protection asserts all alone you might speculate what your wounds are worth and this could cost you a large number of dollars. Enlisting a Houston personal injury attorney enables you to use their instruments and encounters at touching base at a high protection settlement.

Regardless of the possibility that you have a smart thought of what your own harm settlement may be worth, you will be new to the lawful techniques required with disputing or intervention in your case. This incorporates not knowing which authoritative archives to document, how to appropriately total structures, and the pertinent statute of impediments. The crevice in your lawful information may permit the insurance agencies to beat you on a legitimate detail.

Conflicting with the insurance agency resembles get ready for the fight to come. Undertaking such a fight without anyone else is commensurate to appearing to battle without any weapons. Regardless of the amount you set yourself up, you just won’t have the capacity to set up a solid battle or put your best foot forward. The insurance agency realizes that it has much more learning and bartering power and will utilize this to guarantee that you get the most minimal settlement conceivable. They will utilize your newness to the claim procedure to guarantee that their advantages are ensured.


Houston Luxury Apartments Are Popular

Choosing the best real estate choice to suit your way of life that could be mind-boggling once the options aren’t just several, but additionally therefore appealing. Be sure you seek information, as well as think about extra features, for example, closeness to dining places, buying an open public transport, and the fundamental dimension with the type of the actual apartments by itself. Whenever you can, it’s wise to spend time going to the region to obtain a common really feel for that feel of the community. Furthermore, contacting educated local people or even apartments locators in ouston luxury apartments with regard to home elevators the region is actually a great way to thin your own research choices.

Houston Attic Flats: Eclectic Appeal

Lofts within Houston tend to be each fashionable and practical. The actual open up room given with an attic design apartments is sought after within the leasing marketplace. Luckily, Houston attic flats can be found in a variety of designs such as historic lofts, people with already been transformed through warehouses and recently built lofts — they are situated in a number of communities. Most of the historical lofts can be found in the downtown area, and soft lofts, as well as brand new buildings, are available all through Houston. In the event that this particular design fits your own character, you’re certain to locate one which suits your own preferences as well as your spending budget too.

Houston High-Rise Flats: Magnificent Comfort and ease

Houston region high-rise flats signify the peak associated with fine living. These types of top notch flats function high-end features for example protection as well as concierge providers, completely outfitted fitness centers as well as swimming pools. TheĀ  Houston high-rise flats are mainly positioned in the border encircling the downtown region, within the Greenway Plaza, Tx Clinic, Galleria, and Midtown communities. These types of communities tend to be rife along with buying possibilities such as nearby shops and also the Galleria Shopping Mall, together with fashionable dining places and a thrilling nightlife.

Present activities of solarmovie

Viewing recently launched films may just be achieved inside a theater, and people aged types is visible hardly ever upon cable television stations. However which was prior to, because of the web as well as websites such as solarmovie. Right now anybody can view films associated with any kind of styles, possibly brand new or even aged simply by likely to this kind of web page as well as search for that films they choose.

To date, SolarMovie is among the well-known websites that provide free of charge film channels as well as actually have a regular web page go to associated with 817, 844 depending on Alexa. com. Apart from films, SolarMovie includes a Discussion board for just about any recommendations, remarks, and so on. However, there’s also an additional website that offers to load such as SolarMovie. To comprehend much more regarding these types of websites, this is a SolarMovie evaluation along with other option web page.

For a more convenient way of watching movies, it is better to download and keep them on your hard drive. In order to make this possible, all of you need to use a good video Download Capture software. This most efficient tool can grab any videos that are available online. For instance, if you love to learn new things, you may use it to download online courses. It is the high time to start putting up your own collection of movies without experiencing any hassle that is caused by watching movies online.

It is possible for you to burn these downloaded movies into DVD with Video Download Capture to enjoy viewing offline, but be reminded to use them for personal purpose only and do not distribute them for any commercial utilization. SolarMovie is really a well-known website which caters film, as well as Television, shows loading. It’s a reasonable system and may end up being very easily utilized with no professional abilities.