With time running out, five convicts escape from prison only to find themselves in a violent standoff on a deserted farm. When two brothers and a jilted girlfriend threaten their chance to board a plane and reclaim their lives, the men learn that their fight for freedom is nothing compared to their fight for survival…


The official Hunting Dragonflies DVD has BEEN RELEASED?! Quit nursing that beer and go get yourself a copy!

After several years in the making, this movie has finally made it to DVD so that you can now buy the action oriented independent film of the decade.

It’s safe to say this film was truly a world-wide effort – musicians from Germany (Trigon), Holland (Systema Synthetica), Switzerland (Daze), France (Screaming Bones), California (The Other White Noise), Maryland (Haralamos) and Ohio (Puddle) were involved. We had actors and crew from Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania working on the set. We used Soviet made Konvas 35mm cameras that came straight out of Russia and Belarus (these cameras have some of the best lenses made for film – comparable to both Zeiss & Cooke!).

All-in-all, over 70 people were involved with the making of this film. Many thanks go out to all of those that put in their hard work and efforts!


Crimson Chain Productions starts work on another feature film to be shot this fall & winter. So, we’ve decided to offer you the option to buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of the next film! Thrill your friends when you show them – heck, tell your friends so they can get in on the action too!!! So, buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of our next feature film. What else you’ll get: We will keep you informed of the upcoming film’s progression, give you exclusive behind the scenes stuff, and let you know when the film is released. What more could you ask for? Get your copy of Hunting Dragonflies now!


Yes we did. Our budget for this 35mm action film was $10,000 and we pulled it off, including the car wrecks, guns, and modest nudity for the action film aficionado. It’s all there. Yes, it’s hard making a feature film on such a small budget, very hard, but it’s the cast and crew’s priceless hard work that matters most. There are plenty of ways to make a feature film on such a low budget and, if you are interested, we talk about a few of them in the commentary on the DVD. For those budding filmmakers out there, wanting to shoot their own feature on a budget, we also have camera details that talk about some of the great things that the Konvas can do on a set. What are you waiting for? Get the DVD!


We interviewed a few of our actors! This month, we posted the interviews of Sean Robinson & DC Cathro, who played Danny Feedermore & Frank Demore in the film. Sean & DC’s list of acting credits are both quite impressive, including stage, improv, and film. You can also read more about them in the BIOS section.