Difference between arlo and arlo pro—The Upgrades Of Alro Pro

Gadgets nowadays are pretty impressive especially when they serve us a great purpose. Arlo is a brand that features cameras that are used for surveillance. This is great to have in places we want to be secured such as the homes, offices, or even the streets. There are now different models to choose from this brand. Two of them are the original Arlo camera and the Arlo Pro.

Features OfArlo

The original one has the feature of being wire-free and this could be very convenient. Such feature is also found on the Arlo Pro. Other similar features include water resistance, the 720p HD video, ability to try out the different systems (Alexa&SmartThings) IR night vision, free cloud storage, and response time. Since the original Arlo is the earliest one to release, the makers would find a way to produce one that will be more updated. That is now the Arlo Pro.

Upgrades OfArlo Pro

The difference between arlo and arlo pro revolves around a lot of upgrades that are placed in the Arlo Pro. These are some of the upgrades in the model:

  • Rechargeable batteries

Instead of spending money every time the battery runs out, charging it could be done instead. Compared to the earlier Arlo, this model can help you save money due to its rechargeable batteries feature. You can find more details on arlo vs arlo pro on the site justclickappliances.com.

  • Solar panels

Yes, the Arlo Pro charges using the sun’s energy. This is one of the best features here on Arlo Pro.

  • More flexible working conditions

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to the handling of a camera like this is with the environment it can sustain. Some might not work anymore if the camera is exposed to a certain temperature. With Arlo Pro, the range of the temperature they can handle is from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit! Isn’t that impressive?