Lung Cancer Hiding itself on Syndromes

Lung cancer is of different types. They all depict different syndromes in the patient’s body. A syndrome is a group of symptoms for several diseases.

Syndromes Caused by Lung Cancer

Horner syndrome: It is commonly known as Pancoast tumors. This is cancer that affects the top of the alternative treatment lung cancer. Mostly it affects the nerves on the face and the eye. Signs of this syndrome include weakness of the eye, reduced eye pupil, and shoulder pain.

Superior vena cava syndrome: The vena cava vein passes close to the top of the lung. If the lung is affected by cancer, the Vena cava vein will be infected as well. Any tumor in the lung may cause the blood to flow back into the vein, and this is fatal. It causes dizziness, headaches and can extremely affect consciousness if it gets its way to the brain.

Paraneoplastic Syndromes: some lung cancers can form substances that are similar to hormones. They then enter the bloodstream. They are then transported to other parts of the body hence affecting other organs although they could be cancer free.

Effects of The Syndromes

The syndromes prevent the presence of cancer from being detected early. The doctor will keep treating the syndromes, and before they realize it’s as a result of the lung cancer, it may be too late. Cancer will be at an advanced stage.

It affects the other parts of the body making the immune system to be weaker. It can affect the other organs in the body leading to spread of cancer in the body.


When you depict some of these syndromes, it is best advised that you seek medical attention. Visiting hospital is important so they can perform several tests including screening to determine the problem, and treat if any is found.