Adam Frey describes Hunting Dragonflies as an unconventional action film – unconventional as it definitely gets it’s roots from the old westerns. The nod to western classics is evident, especially towards the end of the film. Dark comedy is laced throughout, while the film has some very dramatic scenes. Although it was written as an action film, there is a lack of one-line zingers that can oftentimes turn a great action flick into just another cliche movie. Hunting Dragonflies still has the great car chases, car crashes, guns, sexy woman, and fast paced action that everyone expects in an action film.

Frey wrote this film with honest character portrayals. Each person has his or her own faults. Good and bad is not stereotypically presented; there is no real evil here – just dumb, human mistakes. Frey wanted to write the story so that the viewer would not only “get” each character, but feel a real link with each one as well.

Director Adam Frey chose to shoot Hunting Dragonflies on 35mm film, the format of choice for all major motion picture productions. He wanted the landscapes and farms to be stunningly beautiful as compared to what was actually happening on them. The 35mm cameras & lenses were brought in from Russia because of the sharp, contrastive images they produce.

Filmed totally in Frederick County, MD, “Hunting Dragonflies” was shot in such a way as to show off the beautiful mid-Maryland landscape and scenery. Maryland’s rolling hills and changeable weather are apparent throughout the film. The film also made use of the desolate Maryland winter to help in the “atmosphere” of the film. In stark contrast, wheat (also known as ‘winter wheat’), a crop planted on many Frederick County farms in late October, shows it’s rich greenish-blue colors as compared to the surrounding brown grasses and leafless trees.


DC Cathro
Douglas “DC” Cathro (Frank Demore) recently made his feature screen debut in the fool martyr production “heads or tails.” He has done stage work up and down the east coast appearing in shows such as “Clue: The Musical,” “Coyote on a Fence,” “Crimes of the Heart,” “Chess” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” He has a Masters in Theatre Education from Frostburg State University and enjoys collecting old board games.

Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson (Daniel Feedermore) is an award-winning actor, writer and singer. Other recent films include G14 Productions “Noir”; HoandCo Productions “Fall of the Morningstar”; and Gemini Production’s “Soulmates”. Sean has had principal roles in over 50 regional theatre productions. He’s performed at Kennedy Center, Folger Theatre, New York’s Proshansky Theatre, Studio Theatre, Adventure Theatre and at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, among many others. He’s enjoyed roles as a cop on “The District”, a gang member on “America’s Most Wanted”, and as Colonial settler Gabriel Archer on “the Discovery Channel’s ‘Moments in Time'” series. Sean recently joined SAG and is focusing full-time on his acting career.

Rett Warren
Rett Warren (Jack Freeman) has most recently been in “Company Ink,” which debuted in Old Town, Alexandria, VA and “Street Scene” at the Fells Point Corner Theatre as Vincent Jones. Rett has also worked on the set of “Head of State” as a prison inmate and on HBO’s “The Wire” as a drug dealer’s bodyguard and driver. Rett played the lead in the film short remake of “The Defiant Ones” which won the award for Best Directed short in the University Film festival. Rett also appeared as the lead character of Lenny in a remake of “Of Mice and Men,” which was nominated in the same category. Rett is currently producing his first short film “A Gun Shot.”

Adam Frey
Adam Frey (Nat) credits his acting to being taught by the learned people at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, with their great teachers: Gené Fouché, Tad Janes, Julie Herber, and DC Cathro. He has appeared in numerous movies in the Maryland area, but Hunting Dragonflies is his first major role in a feature film. Look for him in Crimson Chain Productions next films, with current working titles of “The Law of Leviticus” and “The Arcturus System”, where Frey will be seen alongside DC Cathro, Rett Warren, & Sean Robinson once again.

Chester Battle
Chester Battle (Samuel Foster) started acting in the spring of 2002. Working as an extra on The Wire and The West Wing, as well as a featured role on Court TV’s The Forensic Files. He has done commercials for Koons Tysons Toyota and the Sheraton Hotel, as well as several local independent films. He has studied acting at The Satchi Agency in Faifax Virginia and plans to enroll in The Conservatory For The Dramatic Arts and The Actors Institute to further his acting skills.

Megan Keilholtz
Megan Keilholtz (Carsyn) is currently working out of Frederick, MD and in surrounding metropolitan areas. Megan has worked on various film and television projects, both localy and nationaly. In 2005, Ms.Keilholtz plans on re-locating to either Boston or Philadelphia with hopes to continue her education as a business communications major at either Northeastern or Drexel University.

Chris Boykin
Chris Boykin (Butch Copeland) got his first taste of acting in a community theatre production of “Whatever Happened To Jacob Marley?” in 1997. In 2004 he was cast in his first independent feature film, David Wanger’s “Into Either End Of The Cylinder”. He has also done some feature film background work-which isn’t acting per se, but for him-it’s the experience of the process that matters most. In the summer of 2004 he was awarded the Weissberg Foundation Acting Fellowship for the 2004 Contemporary American Theatre Festival in Shepherdstown, WV, where he also played Tiger in Brooke Berman’s “Amazing”.

Adam Comstock
Adam Comstock (Calvin) is a freelance actor out of Annapolis, Maryland. He’s acted in several independent projects including his most recent film working with Director Pepi Singh Khara. Other recent credits include the music video “Panic Attack” by the Alphabet Bombers, the short comedy “Roommate Wanted” directed by Richard Baker. Look for him in Richard Baker’s next comedic short, which is yet to be titled.


Amanda Mallonee
Amanda is a general assignment reporter for the NBC25 news team and is assigned to the Frederick bureau, leading news coverage in Frederick County. She came to NBC25 after working for five months as a Production Assistant with ABC27 in Harrisburg, PA. During three of her four years at Shippensburg University, Amanda was a sports intern with ABC27. In her spare time, Amanda likes to read, watch football, and play with her kitten, Storm.

Rona Mensah (Radio Voice Over) can usually be found on Frederick’s radio station, Key 103.1, during the midday hours. In her spare time, Rona is a member of the Maryland Ensemble Theatre and the Comedy Pigs Improv Troupe. She’s as much at home on the stage as she is on the radio.

Scott Grove (News Anchor Voice Over) owns a Public Relations firm in Frederick, MD. Enjoying the arts, he has worked with the Frederick Festival of Film and the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, among other film and theatre related organizations.

Paul Walter, an Indiana native, has worked around stage and music since high school. A gradute of Minnesote State College, he enjoys acting, improvisation, and music. He now repairs band instruments for a living in South Bend, Indiana, and looks forward to future endeavors with theatre and independent film.

Mark Vernier has been in several Crimson Chain Productions’ films. He originally appeared in “Don’t Talk To Me”, but has since gone on to be a part of several other productions.

Jason Krznarich & Scott Fairly are the martial artists on the television (hint: look for them when the convicts are in the red room discussing their next move). Jason teaches Martial Arts at Choe’s Hap Ki Do in Westminster, MD, and has recently finished his 3rd short martial arts film called “One Way Out”. Jason has recently announced that plans are underway for his next martial arts film, as yet to be named, to be shot in 2006.


David Crosson
In his “non-reel” life, David Crosson is a public relations executive. His long-time hobby has been photography, and he has also won awards for documentary film and video productions. This is his first — but hopefully not last — feature shoot.

Amy Martin
Amy Chase Martin is a Maryland Ensemble Theatre company member and has been acting and directing in the Frederick, Maryland area for the last ten years. Notable roles in the Frederick area have been Nancy in Oliver, Maggie in Lend Me a Tenor and Gooch in Mame. While Amy’s focus is musical theatre, she has also been seen in independent films, instructional DVDs and local commercials. Amy’s work on Hunting Dragonflies ranged from makeup artist, to actor double, to grip.

Bob Sapora
Robert W. Sapora (Bob Sapora) is a professor at McDaniel College teaching both English and Film, and author of the book Theory of Middle English Alliterative Meter: With Critical Applications. He was also the Director of Photography on another film shot in Maryland, “Forest for the Trees”, written & directed by Jonathan Slade.

TJ Grable has a B.A. in Communication from McDaniel College and studied film and television at UCLA. He began working in radio while in college and moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue a career in film and television, where he worked on the feature films Killer Me and Cruel Intentions 2. TJ also held jobs as an on-air radio personality, and as a TV news and electronic publicity producer in the major markets of Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. He currently serves as the chairperson of the Frederick Festival of Film in Maryland and produces video for non-profit organizations and theater groups. He is in pre-production to direct his first film, a comedy/mockumentary entitled Coming Soon.

Branson Hagerty, a film school graduate, came in towards the end of the shoot, but still lent a very big hand to the set of Hunting Dragonflies with his filmmaking knowledge. After initial shooting was over, he again helped out behind the scenes with tweaking the sound editing to make it sound as great as it looks.

Debra Dunbar has helped out on the set of several Crimson Chain Productions films, including “the shoe” and “Felling a Lumberjack”. Deb works as a Human Resources Manager for an international publisher and is a graduate of Hood College. She enjoys writing prose and poetry, when she is not running a marathon.

Marcia Robusto recently graduated from McDaniel College in Westminster, MD where she got her degree in Communication.

Sam Tressler #4 goes to Villa Julie college and majors in film & communications. He plans on interning with Crimson Chain Productions the summer of 2005.

Joey McAdams has studied at the Maine Photographic Workshops, and is one of the directors of the feature “Heads or Tails”

Camera Assistants:
Steven Lennox, Jai marenChail, & Rona Fitzgerald


Trigon – Originally a trio, but now a quartet. Out of Germany comes an energy-loaded formation. A musical improvisation, Trigon is: bass – Stefan Lange; drums – Tihomir Lozanovski; key boards – Udo Gerhards; and “psychedelic guitar” – Rainer Lange. Wild, loud, and electrically enhanced, the quartet calls their style of music “HeavyZenJazz”- a form of music which remains completely detached of the rigid categorical definitions and can be considered humorous, spontanaic, and has a certain irresistible playful charm. All of which are the brand name of this dynamical quartet.

Systema Synthetica
Systema Synthetica is Kees Rottier, a Holland native. Systema Synthetica is a home-studio project and, as the name implies, uses mainly synthetic instruments. Systema Synthetica’s style of music is a mix of the types of music we all grew up with, as well as some modern influences. At the moment, Systema Synthetica is working on a project with Electronic Rebell and 2wired (listen to their tracks on!).

DAZE is neither the latest hype, nor tomorrow’s hot shot boy band. The sound and beat of DAZE is the work of the Eigensatz Brothers, Mathis and Moritz, and of Peter Baracchi, their Drummer. This Swiss band started off playing rock and grunge, and by mixing their style with elements from British-American guitar pop, they soon drew much attention. By constantly working on their approach to rock and pop and introducing English songs, accompanied by special, sometimes even wild, guitar play, they create a straightforward and fresh mix. Their fourth album, “Silhouette”, is the result of intensive work and is more characteristic in its sound than its predecessors. To order the new DAZE album online visit or

Screaming Bones
Screaming Bones is a French Metal band based in Paris, which compose catchy, heavy rock tunes. Melodic and bewitching, Screaming Bones’ claim to “tattoo their songs to the listener’s brain.” Created in September 2003, Screaming Bones is composed of 3 friends: Sebastien Ramain, Edouard Pavis, and Fabien Gundhardt. A fourth, their good friend Thomas, arranges and composes the Drums and Bass parts. Together since September 2003, they have created and composed over 10 songs, and are currently on the lookout for a singer. Look for some of their songs on the forum. Those songs are available under a Creative Commons license – which basically means they are freely available to download, listen, and trade.

The Other White Noise
The Other White Noise, a California band, is made up of two people: John Turney and Arthur Reeder. With tongue in cheek these two proclaim themselves as “the greatest band in the universe,” and they plan on keeping it that way.

Puddle – From Adam Kress’s Lazy Jerk Records, comes Puddle, a heavy metal band out of Ohio. Puddle has released some of their music under the “Open Audio License”, which basically means those songs are freely available to listen to and to trade.

Pete Haralamos
Pete Haralamos – Raised in Maryland, Pete goes to college and works full time, but still finds some spare time to creep up the stairs late at night and create art and music. But besides his art and music, Pete’s greatest passion is food: both creating and eating good foods (especially Greek foods).


Adam Frey - Producer, Director & Writer
Frey is a Producer, a Writer, a Director, and an Actor. Graduating from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) in 1996 with a degree in English, he wrote his first feature-length screenplay while working at Radio Free Asia in 1998. After working on various film and video sets, Frey finally formed the independent film company Crimson Chain Productions in 2001. Frey writes and directs focusing on realism and understanding. As a director, Hunting Dragonflies is his first 35mm feature film, but he has produced and directed many commercial spots, industrial videos, and documentaries, as well as written over 6 feature-length screenplays to date. He is currently working on four feature films simultaneously, including a Sci-Fi (working title: The Arcturus System, a film based on the American Civil War (working title: Flanking the Sentinel), a thriller also taking place in Maryland (working title: Law of Leviticus), as well as a children’s film (currently untitled). Shooting schedules for these films run thru 2007.