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Detecting Lies In A Faster Way: Lie Detector Test

Investigating a case by inspecting the scene of the crime and holding off suspects for questioning are the typical scenarios seen in police investigations especially with heavily-committed crimes like treason, rape, or murder.

However, criminals are getting smarter with tactics, becoming very good at mastering the art of lying and can pass every police questioning and create an alibi in an instant. In this circumstances, there’s a chance that investigators may free the suspect and lose the leads in their investigations. has more information on the lie detector test.

What Can They Do To Avoid This?

Lying is hard to detect if you just observed their movements and speech especially if they’re good at it. In order to prevent such mistakes that can lead to jeopardizing an investigation, a lie detector test or also known as the polygraph exam is employed in every police station so that even if the alleged suspect lies, this machine can detect it.

How Can The Test Detect If Someone Lies?

The machine operates very simply. It measures the person’s

  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • The amount of sweat or perspiration of the person’s fingers

The person is connected to the machine via cable wires attached to their fingertips and in their chest. Additionally, one of the arms is also cuffed to see their blood pressure and heart rate. The machine will then detect if there are any abnormal reaction once the alleged suspect was asked a question. The person in charge of questioning will first ask the person’s version of the story in order to check for any loopholes. The second question will be the questions designed by the examiner himself.

The main component of questions coming from the examiner has control questions or general questions while the rest are situational or questions related to the case that the suspect is involved in.


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Maxicab Booking: How Easy Is It

The need for transportation methods these days is extremely imperative, because really, can you imagine yourself just walking to a new place without any proper directions and losing time with each step you take? How much more if you are going on an imperative business trip that will make or break the current stature of your company, will you really travel to Singapore or any other new country or city unprepared?

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How Will You Do It?

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