Five convicts escape from a Maryland penitentiary early one morning in January. While awaiting a plane that will take them to Mexico, they seek a safe place to hide for the next 36 hours.

Frank Demore (Douglas “DC” Cathro) leads four other cons (Sean Robinson, Rett Warren, Chester Battle, Chris Boykin) on the run as they attempt to make their way to an airplane and their new future in Mexico. With the help of his girlfriend, Frank acquires guns and warm clothes for his men to hold them over in the cold January weather until their flight.

But January is very cold and the weather brutal; they discover shelter in a barn on a seemingly deserted farm, when Carsyn (Megan Keilholtz), Nat’s (Adam Frey) jilted ex-girlfriend, stumbles upon them. They kidnap her to keep their whereabouts secret until they are safely out of the country. The convicts’ luck continues to spiral down as they are again discovered by the two brothers, Nat & Calvin (Adam Comstock), looking for beer. The brothers escape to the safety of the woods.

Frank and his gang know they can’t afford any witnesses and are faced with the decision to go into the woods after them or leave the farm and face getting caught. It’s a life changing decision that will affect everyone involved.

Crimson Chain Productions presents an Adam Frey film starring Douglas “DC” Cathro, Sean Robinson, Rett Warren, Adam Frey, Megan Keilholtz, Chester Battle, Adam Comstock, & Chris Boykin in “Hunting Dragonflies”.

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