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Crimson Chain Productions starts work on another feature film to be shot this winter (sorry, not another beerfest). So, we’ve decided to offer you the option to buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of the next film! Thrill your friends when you show them – heck, tell your friends so they can get in on the action too!!! So, buy a copy of Hunting Dragonflies and get your name in the credits of our next feature film. What else you’ll get: We will keep you informed of the upcoming film’s progression, give you exclusive behind the scenes stuff, and let you know when the film is released. What more could you ask for? Get your copy of Hunting Dragonflies now!


We’ve been getting feedback, and the overall feedback’s been good! So many new fans have let us know that they loved this film, that we decided to let you read some of their feedback (Thank you for the support everyone!):

“Awesome film”
–K. Masuda, California

“Deliciously Optical, Intense! Next Feature? I Buy U Bet! THX”
–W. Rizzo, Washington

“THANK YOU for the film. It’s so good to see people such as you and your crew doing what it is you really want, and putting yourselves out there. I wish I was around for your next project/s ‘cos it’d be great to donate some expertise. Keep up [the] good work. You can only go from strength to strength with such enthusiasm. Great choice to shoot 35mm, too.”
–P. Stott, Australia

“First class! Better than described – thanks!”
–P. Roehsler, Austria

“I got [Hunting Dragonflies] on Monday and watched the entire thing [with my girlfriend] in one sitting! Wow! I am very, very impressed. We both laughed out loud so many times. . . So funny! Great story. Great action sequences. I really like that the cast of characters was very mixed. Made it seem more real. And the way the movie looks is awesome. It looks like a big ol’ Hollywood film. I could go on and on here. . . Wow!!”
–A. Pugh, Maryland

“I really liked the movie. I hope to see more in the future.”
–T. Edwards, Arizona

“I really enjoyed it. It was creative and, I thought, really well written. You didn’t lose my interest, and I was surprised by the ending.”
–A. Lepelletier, Virginia

“Great film for 10K showed it to a few people they liked it too…”
–R. Houllahan, Massachusetts

“Adam Frey and friends did a remarkable job. Every one who wants to buy a Konvas and are not sure of what you can do with it, [this film] is a good buy. If you like B movies or Indie films it is also a good buy. The script is also interesting. Better photographicly if you compare this to El Mariachi done by Robert Rodriguez in 16mm with a arri 16S. Like to see the next one!”
–P. S. Rioux Quebec/Canada

“Neat low/no budget project.”
–R. Grochowski, Virginia

“We’ve watched the film several times already!”
–J. Griffith, Maryland

“Looks really good–you found a visual style that hangs together well. I like the darkness of it; that’s something you don’t expect to see in a rural setting. You seem to be reconfiguring the rural space as downbeat, and even threatening. I suppose it has resonances of Shyamalan, but I like your treatment a bit better. It has more grit.”
–T. Byrne, New Jersey

“Liked the film – good luck on your next production!”
–B. Taylor, California

“We’ve watched the whole film from start to finish and I must say I was impressed.”
–A. Reeder, California

“I haven’t been able to watch it yet since I’ve been very busy last week. But my band mates have watched it already and they told me it’s great.”
–P. Baracchi, Switzerland

“I watched the DVD. Seems to me like all the hard work you put into it paid off. The ‘behind the scenes’ extras were fun to watch as well.”
–K. Rottier, Holland

“Just watched the film last night. It was pretty damn good. The film camera made a really nice picture, less harsh than a digital, and easier on the eyes. Good work.”
–A. Kress, Ohio